Hi, my name is Helen, I am of Anglo-Swiss heritage and I work as a professional musician offering performance and teaching. I am a pianist, percussionist and singer. 


I have specialized in Brazilian percussion, classical and Cuban style piano, Georgian polyphonic singing and Swiss folk singing. My interest also extends into world music, folk, electronica, jazz, Indian music, contemporary fusions and more. There is just so much amazing music out there!   


I have created Big Ears Music in 2018 to as a way of drawing all my diverse musical activities together into one enterprise and offering out top quality musical tuition, performance, workshops and events. I create musical opportunities, in the hope of influencing lives for the better, bringing enjoyment and positive effect to peoples lives. 


Please take time to look around my website, and enjoy! 


Brief background


I have always responded strongly to music since I can remember. Music runs in the family’s blood from both sides. I was always singing as a small child and singing together with my sister and family. As soon as I was old enough I began piano lessons and later on began studying percussion. I always knew music was my path. Quite simply, I loved it. 


I studied classical piano and percussion at Leeds College of Music, and since 2000 have undertaken extensive further study in diverse genres, specializing in Brazilian drumming, Georgian polyphonic singing, Swiss Folk singing, choir directing and Latin piano. 


I work with top musicians and organisations around the UK and have performed at festivals like Musicport and sang in venues such as The Howard Assembly Rooms. I am well connected and I have earned myself an enviable reputation as a musician, workshop facilitator and teacher. Music has taken me to profound places and I have met so many inspirational and wonderful people along the journey so far. My hope is to offer some of that inspiration back out to you! 


The story of the name 'Big Ears Music' 


Several years ago, for one month, I went to Cuba to futher my Cuban piano and percussion studies. One day my piano teacher exclaimed "Elenà, you have big ears" ..... Slightly confused I said "What do you mean?" whilst feeling my ears and wondering why I hadn't noticed before..... He thought it was funny, and went on to explain "In Cuba, it is a compliment to say that someone has big ears, it means you are very musical".

And thus when the time came to set up my musical enterprise, Big Ears Music just seemed perfect!